What is this?

It’s an art project or something. I don’t know. Ben has a camera in his apartment’s peephole and it takes a picture whenever he returns home. This site documents those incidents.

Why have you done this?

Does everything need a reason? Four years ago, Ben made an Instagram account with a similar concept. His apartment had a “virtual doorman” that would capture his photo and email it to him whenever he entered the building. The photos were very funny. Then he moved and the project concluded. This site is a reboot of that project, but much better.

What idiots made this?

Jacob Bijani and Ben Gold. They worked together at a blogging website many years ago. Jacob did all of the hard stuff like engineering and hardware design. Ben was there for moral support and did some design stuff, and has agreed to subject himself to this virtual panopticon.

Is this safe?

Safe for who?

Can I steal these images for nefarious purposes?

Sure, weirdo. All content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

How does it work?

A full write-up is coming in the future, including source code. Basically we built a whole thing:

PCB illustration by Betsy Gold.

I have a stupid idea, can I hire you?

Ben is happily employed by Google, but Jacob runs his own company and is potentially open to projects if it sounds fun.

I have more questions!

Why? We have no more answers. Just kidding, you can email us at door@bensdoor.com. Ben reads those and may or may not respond.